This module facilitates management of back-office operations and administrative hotel operations. Moreover we provide a web-based Back Office System that is designed to facilitate and automate the financial side of the hotel businesses and this keeps track of all your financial transactions, providing greater financial visibility. Moreover, for our fixed asset, hotels can easily have accurate fixed asset information. Plus, there is no need to calculate depreciation rate or salvage value of your assets manually.

Functions of a back-office management module may include:

General Ledger and Financial Statement

Account Receivable

Account Payable

General Ledger | GL
The Comanche General Ledger system design is based on the standard chart account and accounting principle which is supported and approved by the standards of Revenue Department s. It has features and capabilities allowing a user to define up to five levels of accounting group, groupings and also up to a twelve digit chart of account number. Transactions can be posted via Journal Voucher feature and passed to the trial balance system. Users can define or design Journal Vouchers into a blank format or a Standard Journal Voucher which is written as pre-defined format, making it easier to create or edit JV. It also has the capacity allowing a user to Revert Journal Voucher conveniently as well.

Features summary

- Chart of account
- Budget & Forecast
- Journal voucher
- Revert JV
- Standard JV

- Trial balance summary
and details
- Statistical data
- Financial Statement
- Report Library

- Full integration with Front
Office System, Accounts
Receivable, and Accounts
Payable Systems

Accounts Receivable System | AR
The AR system is designed to integrate with the front office system, beginning with defining of the account receivable number of the Company/Agency Profile, which enables the transactions to be transferred and settled at the front office at the time of guest check out. It also handles all the credit card transaction automatically. All credit card commissions will be automatically calculated by the system. Apart of the automatic transaction transferred to the front office system.

Features summary

- A/R register
- Posting
- Adjustment
- Deposit
- Payment

- Bank charges
- Credit card Commission
- Statement
- Receipt

- Trace and reminder
- Aging analysis
- Report Library
- Fully integration with
Front office System and
General Ledger System

Accounts Payable System | AP
The system is designed to connect with the inventory system via a function that supports the receiving of the entire stock item that will transfer the invoice transaction into the account payable automatically. The user can also create new transactions or new invoices and can make adjustments directly in the AP system including debit notes. The Comanche AP system supports the payment voucher handling and is also capable of controlling all payment vouchers automatically providing more effective searching and making a cheque or payments much easier. The Comanche AP system, allows the users to print payment vouchers for many transactions, invoices to the same vendor, or transactions having the same due date.
Features summary

- Vendor register
- Voucher posting
- Debit notes
- Split voucher
- Payment voucher

- Computer/ Manual Cheque
- Bank reconcile
- Withholding tax

- Report Library
- Full integration with
Inventory System and
General Ledger System


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