Inventory Control
The Comanche Inventory Control (IC) system is a control system which is connected to the Accounts Payable and Point Of Sale systems. The Comanche IC system is fully integrated to increase the capability of checking all the stocks or items for controlling the Food & Beverage costs that are being sold on a daily basis. The Comanche IC system is equipped with an easy to use, Windows-Based Graphical User Interface designed to support the data entry working menu in English, Chinese, and Thai languages. The Comanche IC system is designed to allow access to the variance store. It can support the F&B store, supply & stationary, engineering, and also includes the operating equipment such as linen and chinaware etc. The system works by directly connecting to the vendor profile in the Accounts Receivable system. The system covers from the beginning of the purchase request from various departments, then writes the Purchase Order, and automatically prints out from the system. Both PR and PO can be defined by user rights in creating, verifying and approving. It also allows users to check back all of the purchase history of each item or items which have outstanding PO’s waiting for delivery.

For our Inventory module, 3 main components are included:

Purchasing (Purchase Requests, Purchase Order, Goods Received, Good Return)

Inventory Control (Issue Request, Transfer Request and Bin Card/Stock on hand)

Recipe (Recipe Set Up and Potential Cost)

Features summary

- Purchase request
- Purchase order
- Outstanding P.O.
- Purchase history
- Purchase approval

- Receiving & Issuing
- Refund & Transfer
- Stock On-hand/Bin card
- Physical count
- Consumption

- Recipe/Cost Control
- Report Library
- Full integration with
AP and POS System

Fixed asset system | FA
This system helps to know the details of fixed assets. and can process the depreciation expense every month. And the system can be integrated with other comanche systems which makes it more convenient.
For our Fixed Assets module included :


Month End

Counting Asset


Features summary

- Asset Information
- Account & Tax
- Closing the monthly
accounting period
- Import Asset ; Steps for
importing assets for counting

- Examine the account code for
accounting records.
- Examine the account's
record history.
- Asset group Detail
- Asset group account
- Asset and Depreciation


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